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Trego Exhibit Project

In Cooperation with the Valley Forge National Historical Park

The Project: To display William Trego’s painting, The March to Valley Forge, with another Trego painting of a soldier and two other privately owned Trego paintings at the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This exhibit will help tell the story of William Trego and the Valley Forge encampment. 


Our Society’s Goal:  To secure donations totaling $10,000 to fully fund this project.

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Dear DVF Families and Friends,



 We are excited to tell you about a historical project that we are pursuing this year.  Our members would like to fund an exhibit at the Museum of the American Revolution that will give visitors a detailed look at the artist William Trego, the painter of The March to Valley Forge and the winter encampment at Valley Forge through his works.  It will display this original painting with a newly acquired Trego study (right) depicting a soldier bending down to adjust his footwear. Many speculate that the figure is bending down to call attention to the ground, where bloody footprints of shoeless soldiers left reddish tracks in the snow during the Continental Army’s march to Valley Forge.


The generosity and good will of individuals and brigades is essential.  We are asking that you or your brigade consider a monetary donation to meet the expenses of this fabulous project.  The DVF Trego Exhibit Project Donation Form will provide the information that we need to ensure that you receive recognition on this page of the society website as well as in the Encampment newsletter.  You also have the option to donate in honor or in memory of someone.  DVF is classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) educational foundation. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.   


We are excited to complete this amazing project supporting our mission to educate our communities about the events surrounding the encampment at Valley Forge.



Thank you for your support,  

Susan Gillette Meer

Society of the Descendants of Washington’s Army at Valley Forge

Click here for the donation form.

Donor Recognition

General ($500+)
Philip N. Steel, Jr. - In honor of Surgeon's Mate Philip Moses Russell

Robert A. Sapp - Pvt. Philip Frey, 13th PA Regiment 

Robert A. Sapp - Pvt. Charles McIntire, 15th VA Regiment

Dr. Rynell S. Novak - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Karon Jarrard - In honor of Pvt. Michael Conley, 2nd MD Brigade

Colonel ($200+)    

Tennessee Brigade - In memory of Ronnie Lail and Reece Sexton

Linda Carr - In memory of Pvt. Reuben Bowen, Washington's Guard

DVF Alabama Brigade - In honor of all Alabama Brigade Valley Forge Ancestors

Robert G. Bailey - In honor of Pvt. John Overstreet

NSDAR Molly Stark Chapter - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer 

Peggy Bennett Salitros - In memory of Pvt. Charles Carter, 2nd VA State Troops

Brian W. O'Rourke - In honor of Pvt. Robert Wright, 10th Virginia

Susan Gillette Meer - In  memory of Pvt. Noah Gillett, 8th CT and Pvt. Robert Smith, PA German Regiment

Jim and Monique McNeilly - In memory of Pvt. David Gordon, 3rd NJ Regiment and Capt. William Gordon, 3rd NJ Regiment

Douglas and Alison Collins - In memory of Pvt. Robert Allen, 3rd VA Regiment and Sgt. Christopher Parrot, 2nd MD Regiment

Davie Thomas Williams - In memory of Teresa Stirbus

Mary Shepherd Kuntz - In memory of Edith Vaughn Shepherd and Sgt. John Daniel Vaughan, 8th MA Regiment

Wayne Allen Courreges, Jr. - In memory of Former DVF Commander-In-Chief Joyce Hoke Cole

Erik & Carris Kocher - In honor of Descendants of Valley Forge 

Barbara Buckley - In memory of Edward S. and Joan H. Buckley

David Powell - In memory of Sgt. Benjamin Lemasters, 1st VA Regiment

Cheryl S. Lewicki - In memory of Pvt. Daniel Welker, Col. Patton's PA Regiment

John H. Daly, III - In honor of the Pennsylvania Line

Captain ($100+)
Wayne Adams -  In honor of Captain Richard Donaldson Cooke, 9th NC Regiment

George & Sue Royer - In memory of Richard Puckett and Cpl. William Fleming

Jim & Linda Maples - In honor of Alabama Brigade Commander, Nancy Susan Royer - In memory of George Washington

Dr. Elisha Dick Chapter, NSDAR, Alexandria, Virginia - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Stoney Creek Chapter, NSDAR - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Dr. Nancy K. Loane - In honor of Thomas S. Loane

Jennifer Garvin - In honor of Patsy Weikart

Wayne Adams - In honor of Capt. Richard Donaldson Cooke, 9th NC Regiment 

Janine LaFleur - In memory of Rachel Racine LaFleur

Narda Rathbun - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Gary Fraysier - In honor of William Pace, Commander in Chiefs Guards

Jacqueline Riddell - In honor of Joseph Timberlake

Kay Temple Stephens

Mary Jane Matson - In memory of Pvt. Samuel Pickerill, Pvt. James Edwards, Pvt. William Liggett, Cpl. William McNary

Kathy W. Hall - In honor of Daniel Singleton

Nancy Nation Jay - In honor of Capt. Hezekiah Rice

Sandra Mesrobian Fordyce - In memory of Evelyn Paynter Mesrobian

Sergeant ($50+)

NSDAR Lily of the Cahaba Chapter - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Charles Bryan Fisher - In honor of Lt. Col. Levi Dawson and Pvt. Benjamin Smith. In memory of Sgt. Hodges Bensham

Saint Petersburg Chapter, NSDAR - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Glenda Holste - In honor of Pvt. Jacob Dooley

Scott D. Aiken - In memory of Mrs. Etta M. Aiken

SAR Texas Society McKinney Chapter #63 - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Gen. John A Sutter Chapter, NSDAR - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Ruth Lyon Bush Chapter, NSDAR - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Alice Potter Turk - In honor of Martha Bellomy

Alice Potter Turk - In memory of Bill Bellomy

David Wade Morton, Ed.D. - In honor of Pvt. Abijah Cady and Pvt. Abraham Sturgis

Rebecca Motte Chapter, NSDAR - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Sharon Mayne Withers - In honor of Valley Forge Patriot Pierce Dant Hamblin

Sharon Mayne Withers - In memory of Laura Foley Evans and Wilma Evans Mayne

Leslie Brosi - In memory of Ardelle Edwayna Newell Hutson

Tegwin Matenaer - In memory of Lieutenant David Strong, 5th CT Regiment

George R. Mitchell - In memory of Sgt. Joseph Cole, 4th VA Regiment

Wyoming Valley Chapter, NSDAR - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Lois Boswell Taylor - In honor of Sgt. William Boswell

Button Gwinnett Chapter, SAR - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Don and Maryland McCarty - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Dale Boggs - In memory of Sgt. Benjamin Lemasters, 1st VA Regiment

Mary Davis Petersen - In honor of Grant and Maggie Petersen

David A. Foster

Phyllis Brasher

Jonathan Dickey

Jewell Harvey Field - In memory of Pvt. Augustine Comer, 12th VA Regiment

Richard Young - In memory of Aaron Crain and George Carpenter

Private ($20+)

Donna B. Ulrich

Dolley Madison Chapter, NSDAR - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Gen. Hosiah Harmar Chapter, NSDAR - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Patriots of Liberty Chapter, NSDAR - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Denise Croston Shay - In memory of James O. Croston and Pvt. Gustavus Croston, 1st VA Regiment

Judith Adele Frank - In memory of Capt. Ebenezer Hill, 1st. Div., 7th Reg., Huntington Brigade

Sally A. Corl - In honor of Pvt. Peter Cram 

Jennie Morsey Rehnberg - In memory of Pvt. Francis Swords 

Blackland Prairie Chapter, NSDAR - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Barbara Teague 

Long Island Chapter, NSDAR - In honor of Susan Gillette Meer

Lillian Leslie

Joan Minde-Welch - In memory of Corporal David Dickerson, 4th NY Regiment


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