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General George Washington's Headquarters Tent Project

In Cooperation with the Valley Forge National Historical Park

The Project:  To complete an authentic replica of His Excellency, General George Washington’s Headquarters Tent with authentic period furnishings and equipment.  This tent and its furnishings will be on periodic display at the Valley Forge National Historical Park as a living history experience for visitors.


Our Society’s Goal:  To secure donations totaling $10,000 to fully fund this project.

VFPA check.jpg

Congratulations! We met our goal and presented a check to the Valley Forge Park Alliance (VFPA) at our 2019 Encampment to make this project a reality.  Here is the Executive Director of the VFPA, accepting the check from our Commander-in-Chief Rick Abbott while the Superintendent of the Valley Forge National Historical Park joins the celebration. 


Thank you to all of the following generous donors!

Donor Recognition

General ($500+)

Rick Abbott - In Honor of Pvt. William Mosby - 7th Virginia Regiment

Alabama Brigade

Joyce Cole - In Honor of My Excellent General Staff, the Superlative Friends I have Made in DVF and Amy & Stella Barile

Dr. Courtney A. Cunningham - In Memory of Pvt. Israel Harding - 4th Connecticut Regiment

Karen Emberton - In Memory of Pvt. Robert Page - 1st Virginia Regiment

Joanne Pry Howard - In Memory of Pvt. Patrick Pry - 12th Pennsylvania & Morgan's Rifle Regiment

Jim and Linda Maples - In Memory of Pvt. William Pace - Commander-in-Chief's Life Guard

Dr. Rynell S. Novak - In Honor of Joyce Cole, Honorary Commander-in-Chief

Colonel ($200+)    

Geoff Baggett - In Honor of QMSGT Richard Priddy - 1st Virginia Regiment

Mary Ann and Michael Cunningham - In Honor of Dr. Courtney A. Cunningham

Missouri Brigade

W. Connally Powell - In Honor Of Sgt. Richard Bonner - 2nd VA Regiment

Anne Witherspoon - In Memory of Sue Ann Damron

Captain ($100+)  

John E, Allen Sr. - In Honor of Drummer Cornelius Wilson - 5th VA Regiment

R. Donahue Bible - In Honor of Pvt. David Brown - 1st NC Regiment

Linda H. Carr - In Honor of Pvt. Reuben Bowen - Washington's Guard

Myra Belle Felts Champion - In Honor of Pvt. Stephen Mayo - 14th Virginia Regiment

Carol A. Felsen - In Memory of Cpl. Leumel Barden - 10th Massachusetts Regiment

Gale M. and William Fuller - In Honor of the Alabama Brigade

E. Annette Green - In Memory of Sgt. Robert Kincaid, Sgt. Thomas Elmore, Sgt James Cowherd

Cecil "Stan" Harrell

Eve D.Holder - In Memory of Pvt. William Bryant

John P. (Pete) Lenes - In Memory of Jean Lenes Gray & Zoe Powers

Hope McCarrell - In Honor of the Alabama Brigade

Glen McLaughlin

Lloyd H. Michael

Karl E. Reed - Pvt. Abraham Franz - German Regiment / Pvt. Jacob Hoover - German Regiment

Scott Reynolds - In Honor of the Alabama Brigade

Henry E. Shoenfelt II - In Honor of Pvt. Michael Sisler - 7th PA Regiment

Robert Austin Vinyard - In Honor of Cpl. John Vinyard - 1st Delaware Regiment

Robert J. Walcott - In Honor of Pvt. William Walcott - 5th Maryland Regiment

Sergeant ($50+)

Tom Adams - In Honor of Sgt. Moses Adams

Warren Adams - In Honor of Pvt. Samuel Sinclair - 1st New Hampshire Regiment

Anita Bianconi - In Honor of the Alabama Brigade

Myra Champion - In Honor of the Alabama Brigade

Lorraine Johnson Davis - In Memory of Sue Ann Johnson Damron

Lee Christine Mulica Dunn - In Honor of 1st Lt. Silas Chadbourne - 11th Massachusetts Regiment

James F. Foster- In Honor of Fred E. Foster

Gale M. Fuller

Robert M. Hammond - In Honor of the Alabama Brigade

John and Susan Hoffman - In Honor of the Alabama Brigade

Glendora James - In Honor of the  Heather James and Ella Roark Staniszewski

Darlene Kleyer - In Honor of the Alabama Brigade

John R. McPherran - In Honor of Pvt. Andrew McPherran - 5th PA Regiment

Susan Gillette Meer -  In Honor of Pvt. Noah Gillette, Jr. - 8th Connecticut Regiment

Rebecca Norris - In Memory of Ray N. Norris   

Brian W. O'Rourke - In Honor of Pvt. Robert Wright - 10 Virginia Regiment

David W. Powell - In Honor of Sgt. Benjamin LeMasters - 1st VA Regiment

Jacquelyn Reeves - In Memory of Capt. Lewellen Jones

George and Sue Royer In Honor of the Alabama Brigade

Lois Boswell Taylor - In Honor of Sgt. William Boswell

W. Richard Young - In Memory of Pvt. George Zimmerman/Carpenter - 1st VA State Regiment - Died at Valley Forge

Private ($20+)

Wayne Adams - In Honor of Capt. Richard Donaldson Cooke

Donna Paddock Alexander - In Memory of Lt. Finch Gildersleeve - Malcolm's New Jersey Regiment

Nancy L. Bloomstrand - In Honor of Pvt. Matthew Hennen - 8th VA Regiment

Joseph Booker In Honor of the Alabama Brigade

Linda Blackburn Brown - In Memory of James Ross Blackburn, Jr.

Eloise W. Burnaford - In Memory of Harold Wayne Woolley, Sr.

Dr. Robert G. Carroon - In Honor of Pvt. James Lawrence - 14th VA Regiment

Dr. Robert G. Carroon - In Honor of Capt. Abner Prior - 5th CT Regiment

Sally Anne Catlett - In Memory of Pvt. John Heinrich Heyde - 3rd PA Regiment

Edwin N. Conroy - In Honor of Pvt. John Bender - 3rd PA Regiment

German P. Culver - In Honor of Lt. Col. Eleazer Lindsley

Marilyn J. Dammann - In Memory of Col. Henry Heller - PA

Andrea Susong Daniels - In Memory of Barbara Susong - 4th Virginia Regiment

Sandra Mesrobian Fordyce - In Memory of Evelyn Paynter Mesrobian

William J. Gladwin, Jr. - In Memory of Ezekiel Whaley, Fifer - 10th/2nd NC Regiments

Carol Graybeal - In Memory of Bill Graybeal

Mrs. Irele L. Prouty Horvath - In Honor of Pvt. David Jay (Gee) - 4th New York Regiment

Marianne Hughes - In Memory of Gunner Martin Miller - 4th PA Artillery

M. Christean Jenkins - In Memory of Pvt. John Peter Corn - 7th Virginia Regiment

Carroll Lee - In Honor of All Soldiers of Valley Forge

Jean Lyon Markie - In Memory of Jack K. Westbrook

Shirley McCann - In Honor of Shirley McCann

Joan Minde-Welch - In Memory of Cpl. David Dickerson - 4th New York Regiment

G. Raymond Nelsen - In Honor of Drury Jackson - 8th Virginia Regiment

Bernice Motz Palmer - In Honor of Pvt. Thomas Pope - 15th VA Regiment

Frances Rakestraw

Mike Rowley

Lila Sandstrom

Annette Smith - In Honor of the Alabama Brigade 

Betty Riley Smith - In Memory of Pvt. James Duncan - German Battalion

Dolyne Wilson Stevens - In Honor of Pvt. Shadrack Pinkston - Washington's Guard

Timothy J. Stufft - In Honor of Charles G. Stufft

Brenda Smith LaMond Sullivan - In Memory of Pvt. Jonathan Currier - 1st NH Regiment


Arthur Clay Bane

Alva Jane Cunningham

Kaye Michelle Israell

Jane Worley Peak

Leta M. Porter

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